Each Life, A Path

The Big Top

Main Show!

A colorful, vibrant extraveganza! Watch every act shine and shimmer on full display in this over the top show! An experience sure to uplift the human spirit and ignite the passion in all our hearts. Walk away knowing even you have your walk to find! FREE!

Walkway Recreation

Food & Games!

Never far from wherever you are, the grounds are littered with the best food and games! Popcorn, cotton candy, your grandmother's cookies — take your pick! Or maybe winning your own glowfish is more your charade? 1 TICKET EACH!

Radiant Playground

Amusement Rides!

Relive your childhood glory in wonder lights! Take a date on the ferris wheel and watch love glow! Hop on your favorite pegasus and make the rounds merry! 2 RIDES,

Psychic Cove

Fortune Telling!

Come sit with one of the fabulous fairies to get your destiny read! Palm reading, tarot cards, or an understanding of the future of your luck. 1 TICKET!

Glowing Waters

Light & Water Acrobatics

Come watch the Mermaid and the Stardust fly and excite! Moving effortlessly between water and air, you're sure to be left in wonder as trails of glowing water stay in your imagination! 2 TICKETS!

The First Flight

Aerialist Show!

Experience the wind beneath your wings as our enchanting harpies sweep you high into the sky in a tango of adrenaline and good fun. Once you touch the clouds, you'll never want to come back down! 2 TICKETS!

Frozen Embers

Fire & Ice Show

Snowflakes falling with bursts of ember, watch the Kim Twins manipulate temperatures all around in this extraordinary battle of the elements! 1 TICKET!

Cheshire Grins

Contortionist Show

Come see the Cheshire Cats — Extravagant Grins and Mystical Mayhem! Watch them bend and twist and make their limbs appear from anywhere — perhaps even your own chest! 1 TICKET!

The Colorful Forest

The Animal Tamer!

A petting zoo full of soul animals, born of magic and light! Colorful displays of unique, catered to your preferences animals; play with your inner shadow and light tiger, or a rainbow colored elephant in love with cotton candy! 1 TICKET!


Pegasus Room!

Take a walk through the clouds with trusty Pegasus guards! Watch them fly and scatter in a full show before feeling the clouds hug, hold and carry those brave enough to take a chance! 1 TICKET!


Knife Throwing!

A true master of weaponry putting talent on grand display! Come watch the blades and arrows fly, landing with so perfect accuracy you'll be left wondering: how did she do that?! 1 TICKET!

Lucid Lights

Neon Aerial Silks!

Watch the Light Slingers throw their glowing glory through the air! Spinning spectacles of woven wonder glowing for all to see! 2 TICKETS!


Botanical Garden!

Walk the garden pathway into a field of magical flowers like you've never seen before! Talk in colors and sighs, watch the beauty respond and interact with you! 2 TICKETS!

Clown Alley!

The Clown Show

Take a break and have a laugh! Slapstick show to rival the ages, meet the Traveling Clowns and participate or just watch their crazy shenanigans! 4 TICKETS!

Fables & Fancy

The Reading Room

Take a walk through a palace that transcends the ages before sitting down to listen to your favorite childhood fairytales come to life! 1 TICKET!

Mission: Remarkable

Choose Your Adventure!

Climb Mount Everest! Face down a T-Rex! Hunt for the Predator, all in style! Safe adventures of your wildest imagination, live your best action film fantasies with your great guide! 1 TICKET!

Déjà Vécu

Time Warp!

Live through the first Woodstock! March through history through the eyes of those who lived it! 1 TICKET!

13 Hauntings

Haunted Horrors House

Demons and nightmares and terrors, oh my! 3 TICKETS!

Cardinal Vice

Temptation Escape!

Resist the temptations of the Seven Deadly Sins and escape their house in under an hour to recieve a prize — a free ticket into heaven (or like prizes)! 4 TICKETS!

Last Walk

Heaven and Hell Room!

Take a walk toward Heaven or a Journey through Hell in style! Guided by your very own Angel and Demon sitting on your shoulder. 3 TICKETS!

Winding Wonder

Escape Room!

Enter if you dare, but you may get lost forever! An escape room that unfolds into a maze. Get to the center in under an hour and win a prize! Don't and, well, we promise you won't stay lost... forever. 2 TICKETS!

Crystal Classics

Ballet Performance

The Swan Princess! The Nutcracker! Magical performances brought to life with fully magical troupe interwoven to real life ballet dancers! Find yourself completely engrossed in these classic fairytales! 4 TICKETS!

Savoir Revue

Burlesque Stage

Adults Only! A tantalizing show for adults — couples get a free bottle of wine and heart box for the performance! 2 TICKETS!

The Lighthouse

Arena Dome!

Malcolm Kim's touring, projective holographic arena! Traveling arena that projects performances and can welcome a dome full of audience for a live show unlike any before! 2 TICKETS!

Bent Lines

Concert Hall!

Catch guest concerts at fractions of the cost! Traveling concert hall that can welcome an arena of an audience for a treat for anyone's ears and soul! 2 TICKETS!

The Boogie Box

Dance Studio

A closed off tent that opens occasionally for short classes on some of the simpler choreography featured in your favorite shows! TENT

L.O.ʌ.E. House

Costume Design

A closed off tent that opens occasionally for tours in the day. Come see fabulous costumes, fitting and question some of the greatest designers of our time! TENT

Grandmother's House

Gift Shop & Exit!

On your way out, don't forget to drop in and say goodbye to grandma herself! 1 FREE GIFT!